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What to do before you Pitch for a Brand Collab.

Want to learn how to pitch for a brand collaboration? Artist and designer Jasmine Kroeze shares her guide to getting your work in top-notch shape, before sending off those pitch emails for your next brand collaboration.

Make your Brand Launch Seamless with this Checklist.

A crazy-helpful checklist by brand designer Keren Elise that will help you help launch your new brand, from the seed of it's idea through to launching on social media.

How to Write a Homepage that Makes you Money.

Grab this guide by Marisa from Dirty Copy for 5 simple steps to optimise your homepage’s copywriting... so you can keep customers reading, point them in the right direction, then let it do its #1 job... sell your stuff.

Learn how to Curate the perfect Brand Colour Palette.

Struggling to visualise your brand’s ideal colours? Website designer Fianna from Forsthye Studio explains the ins & outs of each colour profile, along with a variety of dreamy swatches to help you curate the perfect colour palette for your brand.

What to ask your Clients when Quoting Custom Design Work.

A round-up of the top 7 questions to ask your potential clients before quoting custom design work. This cheat sheet to help you with accurate pricing was created by Fleur from Hufton Studio.

Get your hands on this Business Plan for Success template.

Want to know exactly where your business is headed this year? Grab this free business plan template via Lisa from Golden Brands. Her Canva template will show you what you need to focus on to nail the rest of 2024.

9 Secrets to Finding Success with Print-on-Demand.

Are you a surface pattern designer wanting to make passive income? You're in good hands. This guide is written by the POD queens at Creative Studio Collective. This guide covers everything you should know when growing your print-on-demand shop.

Bring your Work to Life in Minutes with Art Frame Mockups.

These free PSD mockups by Jasmine Kroeze will make your art, illustrations or designs shine. Convert your customers more easily by helping them visualise your work in realistic settings.